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Online Personals | Online Dating Service | Personal AdsOnline Personals to meet singles come in many shapes and sizes, but they all have some basic things in common. Like every type of advertising, Personal Ads, when designed for an Online Dating Service, should contain a headline, some sub-headings, body text, and a "call to action" at the end.

Within these basic building blocks in your personal ads, a story is developed with a "hook" at the beginning, clearly stated "benefits" to the reader, a series of "features" (all the good points about you - the advertiser) and some reasons why your readers should reply to your personal ads right away.

Later on this page, I'll show you an example of a well-written Online Personals Ad so you can see for yourself how all of the ingredients fit together and how you can meet singles with online personal ads too.

Having written literally THOUSANDS of personal ads myself, I have a unique perspective to share with you. I have a good feeling for what works, what will not work, and how to improve your online personals so they'll work much better! Here's how to meet singles with the online dating service of your choice.

What are Personal Ads?

Online Personals are essentially - when you get right down to it - a special type of sales letter, but especially written to meet singles when using an Online Dating service. And like all well-written sales letters, Online Personals have an introduction, a story-line, and a "close." I'll show you an example of an Online Personals Ad below, but first - let me tell you just a bit more about how they work.

For Online Personals to effectively "target" your ideal reader, you should say something in your headline that will literally stop them in their tracks. Studies show that 85% of the effectiveness of an ad is in the headline. Wow - 85% is a lot, isn't it? So your headline better be a good one, or the person browsing the Online Personals will simply click on to the next ad!

Ask yourself this: What is the one thing that your target reader wants the most? If you're a man wanting to meet singles on an online dating service, try to put yourself in the mind of the woman you'd like to connect with. What is she thinking? What is she missing in her life? What are her challenges, her issues, her day-to-day problems and concerns? Is she lonely - or is she really very happy being independent? Is she looking for an adventure ... romance ... or is she looking to meet singles so she can find a husband and start a family? Why has she joined an online dating service?

And if you're a woman searching for a man, think about all the things the man you're looking for wants the most (apart from sex). What's missing in his life? Does he want a relationship for love, companionship, or to start a family? Is he a high energy guy wanting someone to join him while he sets the world on fire? Or is he wanting to meet singles so he can find someone to start a family? What are some of the reasons he may be signing up with an online dating service and using online personals?

Ask yourself the same questions too! What are YOU wanting right now? Do you want a girlfriend or boyfriend ... a husband or wife ... or a passionate, sensual lover? Your online personals should be written with the end-result in mind.

Create a Plan to Meet Singles with your Online Personals

Before you start writing your ads, try to map out - at least in your own mind - what your basic themes and messages will be. I've run ads to attract intelligent, well-educated women, and I've run ads to meet sexy, provocative women. Sometimes I've written Online Personals to demonstrate my creativity, whereas other times I've written personal ads to appeal to women who have big hearts and a lot of compassion. I've learned a lot about the themes that attract certain "types" of single women or men.

When you sit down to write your Personal Ads (and you should absolutely have several ads written that you rotate based on your results) try to develop one "theme" in each ad. For example, one of your ads can be strictly romantic. Another ad can be sexy. A third ad can be more intellectual in nature. But whatever you do, do NOT just write a carefree ad and hope for the best - have a plan and stick to it. Think about online dating like running an advertising campaign to meet singles on an online dating service where your ultimate happiness is the reward for your success! (To meet singles starting today, click here).

When you become my Online Dating Client, I'll teach you more about the advanced techniques of using online dating services during our weekly coaching calls on the phone. As part of my Special Introductory Offer (which you can read more about here), I will custom-design your Online Dating ad or Online Dating Letter of Introduction as part of my Online Dating Coaching Package.

To see an example of a Online Personal Ad to meet singles on an Online Dating Service, click on the link below:

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